The Government-Funded Early Years Teacher Postgraduate Course

The early years are a critical stage in a child’s development. Nurseries play a vital role in nurturing young minds, and qualified early years teachers (EYTs) are fundamental to providing a stimulating and educational environment.

Recruiting people for Early Years positions in the UK is tough right now because there just aren’t enough qualified professionals available. This shortage is causing problems for the sector, affecting the quality of care and education for young children. Without enough skilled staff, it’s hard to expand early childhood programs and maintain high standards.

The good news? The UK government is offering a fantastic initiative to help nurseries attract and develop highly skilled staff:

What is the Early Years Teacher Postgraduate Course?

This postgraduate program is designed for graduates who want to become qualified EYTs. It’s a fantastic opportunity for individuals with a passion for early childhood education to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in a nursery setting.

Here’s what makes it so attractive:

• Fully Funded: The Department for Education (DfE) covers course fees up to £7,000, eliminating a significant financial barrier for aspiring EYTs. Learn more about how you get earn £7000 for your setting!
• Employment-Based: Trainees are employed by nurseries while undertaking the course, allowing them to gain practical experience alongside their theoretical studies.
• Fast-Track Qualification: The program typically takes one year to complete, enabling graduates to become qualified EYTs quickly.

Benefits for Nurseries

Nurseries across the UK can significantly benefit from this government-funded program:
• Attract Top Talent: The financial incentive and fast-track qualification make the program highly attractive to potential EYTs, expanding your recruitment pool.
• Develop Highly Skilled Staff: Trainees gain valuable knowledge and practical skills under the guidance of experienced mentors, leading to a more qualified and effective workforce.
• Improved Teaching and Learning: Qualified EYTs create a stimulating and nurturing environment that fosters children’s learning and development, potentially boosting your nursery’s reputation.
• Government Funding Support: The government funding significantly reduces the financial burden of recruiting and training new EYTs, allowing nurseries to invest in other areas.

Learn more about this initiative here.

How to Get Involved

If you’re a nursery manager interested in participating in this program, you can contact us via Email: sendmycv@hadlandemploymentsolutions.co.uk or call: 01202 879420 to get started.

Investing in the Future

The government-funded early years teacher postgraduate course is a win-win situation. Nurseries gain access to a pool of talented and qualified EYTs, while graduates launch rewarding careers in early childhood education. By embracing this program, nurseries can ensure they have the skilled staff needed to deliver exceptional care and education to young children, shaping the future generation.

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