Hadland Employment Solutions helped me find a job with Tops Day Nurseries. It has been life-changing! From day one, they stood by me, fulfilling every promise, including visa assistance and seamless relocation.

The growth opportunities and training have been phenomenal. Working at Tops brings me immense joy, and HES even made it possible for my family to join me in the UK. I’m truly grateful and couldn’t be happier anywhere else!

Angela Mettle

The legal team surpassed my expectations, explaining the visa process and aiding in every step. Moving to a new country can be stressful, but with constant support from the team – from flight bookings to settling in – it was exceptional. 

The warmth and assistance from my Manager and colleagues made the transition seamless.

My heartfelt gratitude for the incredible journey. Your team is remarkable – professional, warm, and kind.

Sandra Mutiro

My experience with Hadland Employment Solutions was smooth and inviting. Each interaction, from the initial contact to the insightful interview, felt like a step closer to a team where I belonged. 

The legal review and visa process were handled with professionalism and support from the legal team, making my decision to move to the UK and join the company much easier. Jen, our guide through migration and welcome, made the transition seamless. Her assistance in finding a place and the warm reception made me feel at home right from the start.


The legal process was made simple and stress-free, thanks to the meticulous and supportive legal team. They even facilitated a loan for the visa process, enabling my family to join me, fulfilling a long-standing dream. 

The migration process was swift, with the housing and transport support team guiding me every step of the way. Since joining Tops, the nursery team has been incredibly friendly and supportive. The management’s understanding and guidance have made my decision to be a part of Tops a dream come true. I’ve never looked back since that day.

– Molinter Akeyo

At my nursery, the new colleagues have integrated well into the team, becoming highly valued members.

Their presence has reduced our reliance on agency staff, providing continuity for the children and lightening the team’s workload. I recommend considering overseas colleagues.

Chanelle Cochrane

I had a remarkable experience working with Hadland Employment Solutions. Their expertise in the early years sector and comprehensive range of legal services, including international recruitment, made them an exceptional partner.

Their commitment to excellence, efficiency, and personalized support ensured a seamless journey. Highly recommended!

-Aspire Training Team

I would like to say on behalf of Tops Southsea, that the contribution that Hadland agency has with us is super positive. A lot of the agency are studying childcare at university and this gives them an opportunity to gain more skills.

Our agency staff have made close bonds with the child and help set up activities as well as supporting within the rooms. Having agency brings a fresh experience into the nursery each day

Rachel Harmer

Hadland agency rather than external agency are more helpful when they attend a setting as they start to learn more about our policies/procedures and how we care for the children. As Agency staff attended quite regularly they even learnt about individuals routines as well.

Tasks that they would help with is general tidying/washing up, supervising children playing and interacting with them, setting up for meal times.

Specific qualities that are useful are being proactive and using initiative, calm and willingness to get involved.

I always enjoy working at Hadland Agency. The management and team are very encouraging and helpful , the workplace is kind and friendly. All of the staff are so nurturing and supportive and they provide so much care, attention and positivity to the children.

 -Susmita Sahu