Recruitment Benefits

Of working with Hadland Employment Solutions to support you with your recruitment needs…

High qualified and Early Years Teacher status qualified staff

Degree qualified staff members that will hold EYT status once they have completed the government funded qualification allowing them to work at a 1:13 ratio in preschool rooms. Completing this qualification will also enable the employer to receive £7000 incentive payment for enrolling them.

Reduced Staff Turnover

International staff will be joining you on a 3 year visa (can be 5 years) and therefore support stabilising your workforce and reducing the need for continued recruitment and onboarding of new team members. Average cost of recruiting a new UK staff member including all advertising, time, training, induction and on costs = £1500 – £2000. Average turnover in early years workforce = 37%. It adds up very quickly when annually replacing a third of your staff!

Increased Capacity for Children

In April 2024 the requirement number of children spaces across the UK is increasing with the introduction of 2 year funding for all children and the demand will continue to grow into 2025 as that is rolled out to all children aged over 9 months. Ensuring a stabilised staff team increases your capacity to take on more children. 1 full time staff member in Preschool has the capacity to generate an average of £1500 to £2000 per week (depending on your fees).

No lost Opportunities due to Sector Staffing Crisis

Don’t miss out on the surge of growth and demand in the sector by being unable to recruit or being in a cycle of continuous recruitment which caps your occupancy. Being understaffed and limiting your occupancy, even temporarily, can lose a lot of money. Limiting your preschool by just 1 staff member ratio can cost you, as above, £1500 to £2000 in revenue per week!

Enhanced Educational Quality

Highlight the positive impact of international teachers on the educational quality at your nursery. Include data on improved learning outcomes, enhanced cultural awareness, and the positive feedback from parents. Explain how this can lead to higher customer satisfaction and potentially increased fees or enrolment.

Improved Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity

Explain how a diverse teaching team can foster inclusivity and cultural understanding among children. Discuss the long-term benefits of nurturing open-minded global citizens who appreciate diversity, which aligns with modern educational goals.

Competitive Advantage in the Market

Position international recruitment as a way to gain a competitive advantage in your local market. Explain how a diverse teaching team can make your nursery stand out and attract parents seeking a unique and enriched learning environment.

Access to a Global Talent Pool

We provide access to a diverse pool of qualified and experienced Early Years professionals from around the world.

Streamlined Recruitment Process

We offer a hassle-free recruitment process, including screening, interviews, background checks, and visa assistance.

Expertise In International Placements

We leverage our knowledge of international regulations, cultural sensitivities, and immigration procedures to ensure successful placements.

Early Years Specialists

We have over 30 years experience in the sector, including nursery operations, training and recruitment.

Why choose our international recruitment service?

Unlock a
World of Talent

Our services connect you with a pool of highly qualified and experienced early years teachers from around the globe. By hiring international educators, you’ll gain access to diverse teaching styles, cultural perspectives, and innovative approaches to child development.

Enhance your Educational Experience

With international teachers in your team, your early years setting becomes a hub of cross-cultural exchange. Children will benefit from a rich and immersive learning experience, fostering open-mindedness and global awareness from a young age.

Address Staffing Shortages

If you’ve been facing staffing challenges, our International Recruitment Services provide a reliable solution. We take care of the entire recruitment process, from candidate sourcing to visa and immigration support, ensuring a seamless transition for both educators and your setting.

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