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Hadland Employment Solutions provides a range of specialised legal services to cater to your needs.

Our expertise encompasses mergers and acquisitions in the early years sector, helping businesses expand or exit with confidence. We also offer residential conveyancing services, guiding individuals through property transactions in an affordable and efficient manner.

Additionally, we excel in commercial conveyancing, assisting businesses in buying or selling properties seamlessly and in compliance with legal requirements. With our comprehensive services, we ensure a smooth and successful experience in mergers, acquisitions, property purchases, and sales.

What we Offer

Overseas Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Service

We help businesses to recruit the best talent from around the world. We have a team of experienced immigration practitioners who can help clients navigate the complex immigration system in the UK and ensure that they are compliant with all relevant regulations when recruiting. They can recruit from abroad with confidence.

Mergers and Acquisitions for the Early Years Sector

We advise businesses on mergers and acquisitions in private childcare businesses. We have a deep understanding of the sector (having been on both ends of the transaction) and can help owners expand their empire or safely exit to enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

By choosing to leverage our service, you can confidently anticipate a strategic approach that propels growth, elevates services, and fortifies a sustainable future in the dynamic realm of early childhood education. Our expertise will empower you to navigate the industry with precision, ensuring a thriving and impactful presence. 

Residential Conveyancing

We help people to buy and sell property in the UK in an affordable way. We have a team of experienced conveyancers who can guide clients through the process of buying or selling a property and ensure that the transaction is completed smoothly and efficiently.

By utilising our service, you can rest assured that our expertise will pave the way for a seamless, legally compliant, and hassle-free experience during your property buying or selling journey, granting you invaluable peace of mind throughout the process.

Commercial Conveyancing

We help businesses to buy and sell property in the UK We have a team of experienced conveyancers who can guide clients through the process of buying or selling a property and ensure that the transaction is completed smoothly and efficiently.

By harnessing our specialised expertise, you can ensure meticulous risk management, seamless efficiency, and unparalleled peace of mind, all of which culminate in a flawlessly executed, legally compliant, and highly successful commercial property transaction.

Immigration Sponsorship Licence Consultancy Service

We help businesses in the UK apply for and obtain the Immigration Sponsorship Licence. This licence is required for businesses that want to sponsor skilled workers from outside the UK to work in the UK.

Employee Relations and Employment Law Advisory Service

Our employee relations and employment law advisory service are a consulting service that provides businesses with advice and guidance on a variety of employee relations and employment law matters. This includes all of the stages in an employee’s lifecycle.

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Hadland Employment Solutions offers a range of comprehensive legal services tailored to the needs of nurseries and businesses in the early years sector. Our services include mergers and acquisitions for the early years sector, residential conveyancing, and commercial conveyancing.

Our residential conveyancing services assist individuals in buying or selling property in the UK. With a team of experienced conveyancers, we streamline the process, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions. We handle the legal intricacies, paperwork, and compliance requirements, providing peace of mind and a hassle-free experience for our clients.

Hadland Employment Solutions is committed to delivering efficient and streamlined legal services. Our team of legal professionals combines their expertise with a strategic approach to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. We prioritise attention to detail, risk management, and compliance, allowing businesses and individuals to proceed with confidence, knowing their interests are protected

Yes, there are costs associated with engaging our legal services. The exact costs will depend on the nature and complexity of the legal matter. We provide transparent information about our fees and any associated costs, ensuring clarity and enabling our clients to make informed decisions.

Our mergers and acquisitions services provide businesses in the early years sector with expert guidance and support during transactions. Whether it’s expanding your empire or safely exiting the market, we leverage our deep understanding of the sector to help you achieve your growth objectives and secure a successful future.

Our commercial conveyancing services support businesses in buying or selling property in the UK. With our team of experienced conveyancers, we offer specialised expertise, risk management, and efficiency throughout the process. This contributes to a smooth, legally compliant, and successful commercial property transaction, enabling businesses to secure their future and achieve growth.

Hadland Employment Solutions legal services stand out due to our extensive knowledge and experience in the early years sector. Our dedicated team of legal professionals possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of the industry. We combine this expertise with a client-centered approach, delivering tailored solutions and exceptional service to meet the legal needs of our clients.

Getting started with our legal services is straightforward. Businesses and individuals can contact us through our website or by reaching out to our dedicated legal services team. We will initiate a consultation to understand their specific legal needs and provide guidance on the next steps to engage our services.

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