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What do we do?

We offer a unique agency service that connects nurseries with our pool of experienced and qualified agency staff.

Nurseries can contact us to enquire about the availability of our agency staff, and we’ll assist you in finding suitable candidates to fill your staffing gaps.

Whether it’s for a few hours, a day, or a week, nurseries can book agency staff based on their specific needs. Our agency staff are well-trained professionals who can seamlessly integrate into different nursery environments, ensuring continuity of care and maintaining high standards.

With our Hadland agency service, nurseries can efficiently address staffing challenges and ensure optimal care for the children under their supervision.

What we can offer you​

Expertise in Early Years Childhood Education

Our staff members are experienced and trained specifically to work with young children, ensuring they understand the unique needs and challenges of nurseries.

Quality Screening and Vetting

Our agency conducts rigorous background checks, interviews, and reference checks to ensure the highest quality of temporary staff. This gives peace of mind to nursery owners and parents.

Quick Response Time

We can provide staff on short notice, allowing nurseries to maintain their required staffing levels even during unexpected absences or fluctuations in enrolment.


We offer flexibility in offering staff for various durations, from a single day to long-term assignments, accommodating the diverse needs of nurseries across the different terms.

Customised Staffing Solutions

We offer tailored staffing solutions, matching staff members with specific nursery requirements, such as age group expertise, language proficiency, or special needs experience.

Training and Development

We ensure the staff we provide are up-to-date with the latest early childhood education practice in partnership with Tops Day Nurseries and Aspire Training Team.

Quality Assurance

We have ongoing quality monitoring and feedback processes to ensure that nurseries consistently receive high-quality temporary staff.

Cost Effective Solutions

We have ongoing quality monitoring and feedback processes to ensure that nurseries consistently receive high-quality temporary staff.

Replacement Guarantee

We offer a guarantee that if a nursery is not satisfied with a temporary staff member, we will promptly provide a replacement to minimise disruptions.

We're here to help you with...

At Hadland Care Group, our mission is clear: we’re here to help you thrive. Whether it’s with one of the issues listed below or not, we are here to provide you with support whatever the problem may be.

Holiday Absences

Have your staff recently taken holiday but you don't have enough staff to cover their absence?

Forecasting Growth

Are you forecasting the need for additional staff for a temporary amount of time?

Sick Staff

Have you had a staff member call in sick recently and need immediate cover to keep your nursery in ratio with the children?

Expansion issues

Have you recently expanded or taken on too many bookings to look after more children than you can handle and need more staff to help accommodate this increase in capacity?

Growing Occupancy

Do you want to increase your maximum occupancy but can't justify hiring someone permanently yet?

Why Work With Us


Qualified and Experienced Staff

Time and Cost Savings

Quality Assurance


The agency staff in our pool have undergone a rigorous screening process and possess relevant qualifications and experience in the early years sector. We ensure that they meet the necessary standards and are equipped to seamlessly integrate into nurseries, providing high-quality care and support.

Nurseries can easily book shifts with the Hadland Agency by contacting our team directly. We work closely with nurseries to understand their staffing requirements, including the duration of shifts (hourly, daily, weekly), specific dates, and any additional details, allowing us to arrange suitable agency staff accordingly.

Our support extends beyond simply providing agency staff. We maintain open lines of communication with nurseries to address any questions or concerns and ensure that the agency staff are meeting expectations. We strive to build strong partnerships with nurseries, providing ongoing support and flexibility to meet their evolving staffing needs.

Yes, there are costs associated with booking agency staff through the Hadland Agency. These costs cover the recruitment, screening, and management of the agency staff. We provide transparent information about the costs involved, enabling nurseries to make informed decisions and budget accordingly.

We have a stringent vetting process in place to select and onboard agency staff. This includes verifying qualifications, conducting background checks, and assessing their experience and skills. We also maintain regular communication with nurseries to gather feedback and ensure the ongoing satisfaction and performance of our agency staff.

Yes, nurseries can communicate their preferences to us, and we make every effort to match them with suitable agency staff. We consider factors such as qualifications, experience, availability, and the specific needs of the nursery to ensure a good fit between the agency staff and the nursery.

We accommodate both short-term and long-term staffing needs. There are no strict minimum or maximum requirements, as we understand that nurseries may require different levels of support depending on their circumstances. Our team works closely with nurseries to provide tailored staffing solutions based on their specific requirements.

To get started with the Hadland Agency, nurseries can reach out to our team through our contact form below or by giving us a call on 01202 879420. We will be happy to discuss their staffing requirements, explain the process in detail, and assist them in accessing the flexible staffing support they need from the Hadland Agency.

Struggling to find staff to cover staff absence?

Whether it’s planned leave, unexpected illnesses, or peak periods, we understand the importance of maintaining continuity in childcare services. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures a swift and efficient process, matching your nursery’s specific requirements with the most suitable candidates. With Hadland Agency by your side, you can rest assured that your nursery will always have the right staff in place to provide quality care and education to the children in your care.

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How else can we help?

International Recruitment

Our recruitment campaign services simplify overseas candidate recruitment for nurseries, providing end-to-end assistance in sourcing and retaining highly qualified staff.