With experience in the early years sector since 1987 that has included starting and running 35 day nurseries, 11 out of school clubs, a child minding service, swim teaching, forest schools and beach schools,  with embedded change management and sustainability (financial, social, environmental and governance), the HES team have a vast depth of knowledge and experience across all the areas required for success in the provision of early years care and education.

The HES team have also consulted on the formation of brand new day nurseries for other owners such as public schools, from conception, structuring and financing, leasing and purchasing buildings, planning permissions, building regulations, design and specification of the building and gardens, through to marketing plans, recruitment, human resources, equipment resourcing and lay out, health and safety, policies and procedures, governance and law, software, phones, Ofsted registration, commercial key performance indicators, budgeting and financial management, funding, and of course filling the building with children and providing a strong curriculum and pedagogy.

So if you need advice and guidance on any aspect of the set up and management of a day nurseries, HES is a one stop shop offering first class information tailored to your needs.

We also have expertise in the day nursery outlook in this country and provide regular consultancy for investors on legislation, types of provision, opportunities and challenges, funding, maximising return on investment, and key players in England.

What We Offer

Conferences and short courses.

You may have groups (small or large) that would benefit from bespoke training in particular areas of early years childcare and education in which case the HCG team could write, organise and deliver the agreed training to your team following a training needs analysis to identify with you exactly what you need or want.  Particular specialisms are Sustainable leadership, Sales and Marketing, Financial management, Recruitment,  Human Resources, Induction and Staff training, Curriculum and Pedagogy, Compliance, Legal Responsibilities and Governance.


Directors of HES were successful in achieving the Queens Award for Enterprise (Sustainable Development) in 2022, and are very happy to share their knowledge with anyone interested in becoming more sustainable in their practice.  The range of areas is vast, including:

  • Resourcing sustainably
  • Sustainable Waste management
  • Reducing dependence on fossil fuels
  • Electric cars
  • Solar panels
  • Building a sustainable laundry for washable nappies
  • Reducing electricity and gas useage
  • Sustainable pedagogy
  • Sustainable curriculum
  • Improving air quality inside and outside the nursery
  • Retrofitting for sustainability in day nurseries
  • Building for sustainability in day nurseries
  • Reducing one-use plastic
  • Sustainable governance
  • Sustainable leadership and management
  • Supporting diversity within the staff team
  • Supporting eco-diversity in the nursery gardens through planting
  • Encouraging birds, bats and butterflies
  • Sustainable gardening including preparation for further climate change

Coaching and mentoring for Early Years Leaders

Whether you are new to the job, or experienced and considering some 1:1 time with an expert, HES have the expertise and capacity to work with you to help turn things around or breathe fresh inspiration and encouragement so you can be at your very best.

International Recruitment

Faced with a desperate shortage of staff across the sector, Directors of HES successfully initiated and managed a project to bring in staff from abroad to fill level 3 positions.  There were several phases to this project:

  • Achieving a licence to employ immigrants.
  • Marketing and Recruitment
  • Visas including checks such as police and health.
  • Decisions on financial aspects such as support to individuals undertaking the move
  • Transfer to the UK and on to the location of nursery, and accommodation on arrival.
  • Induction and on-boarding.

We are now experienced with all the different stages, having brought 11/15 individuals, some with families, in to work in Tops Day Nurseries.  Many of the phases run in parallel to enable time and cost effective vacancy filling, and we  are able to offer this service confidently to other early years settings in England.

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