Who Are We?

Hadland Employment Solutions, located in Southbourne, Dorset, is a dedicated company with a clear purpose: to provide unwavering support to early years employers in sustaining and expanding their businesses through the provision of top-quality staff and comprehensive legal services.

What makes us different?

Deep understanding of the early years sector

We possess extensive knowledge and experience in the early years sector, enabling us to provide specialised and tailored legal services to nurseries and businesses in this industry.

Expertise in international recruitment

We have expertise in international recruitment, helping nurseries find and recruit the best candidates from overseas. Our comprehensive recruitment campaign services handle every aspect of the process, from creating job adverts to scheduling interviews, saving nurseries time and resources.

Comprehensive range of legal services

We offer a wide range of legal services, including mergers and acquisitions for the early years sector, residential conveyancing, and commercial conveyancing. This allows clients to access multiple legal solutions under one roof.

Highly qualified and dedicated staff

The agency staff provided by Hadland Employment Solutions undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet necessary qualifications and possess relevant experience in the early years sector. This guarantees nurseries access to skilled professionals who can seamlessly integrate into their teams.

Commitment to efficiency and quality

We are dedicated to delivering efficient and streamlined services while maintaining high standards. We handle the complexities, paperwork, and legal requirements, allowing you to focus on your core objectives and proceed with confidence, knowing that your interests are protected.

Client-centered approach

We take a client-centered approach, understanding the unique challenges and requirements of our clients in the early years sector. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client, providing personalised solutions, ongoing support and exceptional service.

A few words from our Founder and Managing Director...

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