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Access to a Global Talent Pool

Provide access to a diverse pool of qualified and experienced Early Years professionals from around the world.

Streamlined Recruitment Process

Offer a hassle-free recruitment process, including screening, interviews, background checks, and visa assistance.

Expertise in International Placements

Leverage our knowledge of international regulations, cultural sensitivities, and immigration procedures to ensure successful placements.

Early Years specialists

Over 30 years experience in the sector, including nursery operations, training and recruitment.


I had a remarkable experience working with Hadland Employment Solutions. Their expertise in the early years sector and comprehensive range of legal services, including international recruitment, made them an exceptional partner. Their commitment to excellence, efficiency, and personalized support ensured a seamless journey. Highly recommended!
Aspire Training Team
Hadland Employment Solutions legal services exceeded our expectations. Their expertise, attention to detail, and tailored solutions provided us with peace of mind throughout the process. Prompt communication and utmost professionalism made our experience exceptional.
Tops Day Nurseries

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